9 comedy of wit: Arcadia

by faye V.

The plot and the two time levels

stage direction: stage opens

romantic period

unity of place- stage stays the same

> no unity of time

>> 2 time levels - about 200 years apart (1809-1990 present)

link to the theme of intellectual discovery

> he studied physics, both are creative intellectuals

sociological fact: aristocratic family

different plot lines according to researches and what their goals are


found a document …

Lord! byron

spend a few days with the aristocratic family where he fought the duel with a minor poet

panning= bad review

friend of septimus (camebridge)

is a redharing (false clue)

> he does not kill Chater (duel does not happen because Lady croom kicks them byron out after finding out about him sleeping with ms Chater but she wanted to do so)

> the challange to the duel is to septimus hodge (Tutor) not to Byron


biologist using math


grouse = waldhühner

found game books (number of grouses shot) in family archive


Lady croom read her book, invited her

wants to solve an inegma (mystery)

hermitage = place where you live on your own (Einsiedler)

1 infant prodigy (Wunderkind)

mathimatical scientific mind

3 last dance situation

1 hannah found a document proving Chater was still alive after Byrons visit

2 too many factors for an algorithm

they discover the prodigy

1 one night stand

Mrs Chater = nymphomaniac

2 also sleeps with Septimus

3 in the present, Bernard is interested in Hannah but she is not responsive

Chloe = valentines sister (daughter of present lady croom)

4 sexually unfulfilled, attraction

point no 2: characters motivated by love/sex to help or hinder someone in their research


faye V.


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