aktuelles in England

by Nastya C.

Should the British monarchy be abolished - NO


  • all the prime minister since 1950s have valued the weekly audiences with the Queen is a unique opportunity to discuss government measures outside a party environment with a person who can draw on wealth of experience and political knowledge.

  • The monarch is seen as someone who stands above party, politics, and Candice act as a real representative of the country, regardless of short-term political interests and strategies

  • As a consequence, the monarch is seen as non-political figures, symbolising, Britishness and national values

  • The British monarchy has shown that it is able to reform itself and adapt to modern times (the late Queen and King Charles have been paying taxas since 1993, King Charles was allowed to marry a divorced woman)

  • The king may be the most expensive monarch in Europe, but this does not mean that the president would come any cheaper. The most expensive head of state in Europe is the French president with £103.5 million - more than twice as expensive as the British monarchy

  • The positive image of the British monarchy around the world, helps to secure trade deals, especially when they are made in the wake of a royal visit

  • With the new generation of Prince, William and Kate and babies, Georgia and Charlotte, the monarchy has gathered new momentum and enjoys widespread sympathy in Britain

  • The members of the royal family have important functions, heading all kinds of charities their image and popularity, help charities to continue their good work

  • Attract tourists, create workspace, tradition, tabloids


Nastya C.


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